Sunday, October 24, 2010

I had 18 people to sign up, so there will be 18 swappers. If you signed up on my blog and/or email/ are included in the swap. I will try to email you within the next few days and make sure you have the swap info.

Due to the amount of swappers signed up….there will be 3 groups…..6 in each group.
You will need to make 3 pins, which is a set, for each swapper in your group.
There are 6 swappers in each group including you. You will need to make and mail 5 sets of pins to me for swapping.

**Example – 3 pins for each swapper – 5 in your group – you would make 15 pins for swapping.

Place 3 pins on the same card, tag, etc for each swapper.
There is no theme to the pins. You can use any color beads, etc for your pins. Please use glass beads and include at least 3 beads per pin. You can make all the same pins for each member or you can mix and match the pins….just be sure to have 3 pins on each card for each swapper.


1) Please be sure to have your packages POSTMARKED by November 10, 2010. This way I can turn it around very fast and you will have your beautiful pins. If anything comes up, please let me know and we can work out something. Any delays in receiving the pins will delay the swap for everyone. Please be considerate of the Postmark date.

2) Please attach pins to some type of card, tag, etc.

3) Please use a padded envelope or bubble wrap, etc to ensure the pins will not poke through the envelope and for the safety of the postal workers.

4) Please use at least a 6x9 envelope for the return package. It is best to send a return envelope the same size that you mail to me in. Since the pins will be on some type of card it will make the envelope a little larger and the small envelopes will not be large enough.

5) Please send the return envelope with your address on the front. Please be sure to add as much postage to the return envelope as it took to mail to me. Please put four (4) - 44 cents stamps on the return envelope. I have noticed, in most envelopes, 4 stamps are plenty.

6) Please add your name, YouTube name or blog on the card or tag that you attach the pins to. This way we can tell who made the pin.

If you have any questions or need more info, please email me and I will get back with you ASAP.

****Please use this email for the swap.****

***PLEASE **** If anything comes up and you need to leave the swap, let me know. This way I can get a replacement and everyone can receive the same amount of pins that they sent in for swapping back.

Thanks to all that signed will be a great swap and can't wait to see all the pins. I will do a video on them when I receive all of them.

I will try and email each swapper with the info, just in case you do not make it to the blog. Please reply back to me and let me know that you have received and you know what the Postmark date is.


Dawn - rec 11/15/10
Angie - rec - 11/06/10
Nilsa - rec 11/15/10
Sharon - out due to illness
Laura - Contessa Creations - rec 11/15/10
Kymm - rec 11/17/10

Cindy - Rec - 11/02/10
Mindy - Rec - 11/08/10
Kathy - REC - 11/09/10
Natasha -Rec 11/23/10
Laura -
Lydia L - REC - 11/19/10

Debbie - rec 11/15/10
Sarah F - rec - 11/15/10
Fareeda - Rec - 11/03/10
Hayley - Rec - 11/01/10
Tenny - rec - 11/15/10
Allyson - rec



  1. Is it too late to join this swap?
    Catherine Marshall

  2. Sorry ~ Yes, it closed on Sunday. I will have another one in January. Would love to have you join that one.

  3. Allyson,
    I'm a dork, I got your email reminder on the 10th, packaged up the pinds and then proceeded to pack them away while reorganizing my office. I just located the box and will drop it off in the mail in the morning. Tracking #420293349405503699300397024435. You should have them on Saturday.
    :) Natasha