Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween !!
Derrick is suppose to be in a spook house tonight and lay in a coffin with a mask on. I am hoping that it stops raining.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

So proud of my little guy !!! He earned $40 today own his own. He helped his Daddy with a landscape job, washed and vacuumed the neighbor's car. He took some of his money and went to Zaxby's and rented a Playstation game. He still has $30.00 and who knows what he will want to do ??


Book of Me"

The purpose of this project is to scrap yourself! You are an important person, rather it be in the eyes of your spouse, children, parents, etc. You spend so much time scrapping everyone else, it's time to tell your story!

Every Sunday, I will post a new challenge. There are 21 total. You can do all if you wish, or you can do what you want! The idea is that this is YOUR book. After each challenge, you can post your creation, or keep it to yourself. This is not something you have to sign up for, and you are not obligated to share/participate/fulfill any requirements! This is simply to encourage each other! It is never too late to join in! If you need help finding past challenges, let me know!

CHALLENGE #5 - "A Chip Off the Old Block"
(Challenge #6 will be posted November 1, 2009)

“A Chip Off The Old Block”.
Design a layout about the people you consider to be your parents. You may choose to do a combined layout for them, a page each, or maybe even a double layout each depending on how many photos and how much information you want to include. Add names, dates, relationships and the role these people play in your lives today. You can even add information about their parents and early lives if you want to. Go into as much detail as you like.

This site may be useful when tracking down information:
50 Questions to ask when interviewing relatives:

Personal Journaling:
For this section of your journaling, take a moment to consider your parents as people and not as “Mum” or ”Dad”. What are they really like? What personality type do they have? What would you think of them if you met them in a social or work setting? How do others respond to them?

What was it like to grow up with your parents? How have they affected you and your personality? Are you like one of them? Are you a mixture of both? What emotional reaction do you have to them? How did you interact when you were a child, and how do you interact now? How important were they in your life?

If the people you are journaling about are not your natural parents, talk about how they came to be your care providers. Where are your natural parents and why do you not consider them your “parents”? How have these relationships and/or the lack thereof affected you?

Give a brief history of your parent’s lives.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

CHALLENGE #4 - "We are Family?"
(Challenge #5 will be posted October 25, 2009)

”We Are Family”. Scrap a layout about your “original” family… your parents and any siblings you had. We are focusing on your childhood so include any people that were in your household as you were growing up, this may mean grandparents, foster siblings, aunts and uncles... Include names, relationships, dates of birth and photos if you have them. (Upcoming challenges will focus more on individual members of the family. For now, give an overview of the group as a whole.)

Some quotes on the family:

Personal Journaling:
The family is by far the most significant group of people we will ever know. From the moment of our birth they are there to teach us about the world, to inform and guide us, and to influence our attitudes and beliefs. We inherit their woes, their hopes, their prejudices and their joys. We are moulded within this circle, for better or for worse, and it is from the family that we enter into the wider world ready to view people, places and events through the framework they have helped us develop.

Consider the difference between the “private family” that existed behind closed doors, and the public face of your family. Was it the same? What were the differences? What was it like to grow up in your family? Was the atmosphere happy, oppressive, supportive, caring, active, abusive, loving? What was your role in the family? Were you forever seen as the baby, were you the peacemaker, or did you carry the burden of responsibility for younger siblings or older relatives? Was there significant illness in the family, poverty, constant relocation?

How has your original family changed over time? How have the roles of the individuals changed? What major events influenced the function and form of the family? What is your “family secret”


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Derrick at Western Day....the whole day was about Western times. They shucked corn, churned butter and square danced (had to dance with a girl).


Sunday, October 11, 2009

CHALLENGE #3 - "What's in a Name?"
(Challenge #4 will be posted October 18, 2009)

What’s in a name? Find out the meaning of your name and it’s country of origin. Did you parents have a short list of names for you? Why did they choose the one they did? Are you named after anyone and if so, do you in any way resemble that person? Talk about your nickname (if any) - where it came from and how you got it.

Here are some useful links:

Personal Journaling:
Names often change throughout life. Most western women will change their surname when they marry, but often names are changed due to family breakdown and divorce, new marriages and adoption. Write about any name changes that you have had and the reasons for it. Talk about the feelings around the change. Was it because something good happened, such as a wedding, or something difficult, such as a divorce? Sometimes we are given nicknames that are cruel, especially as children. Did this happen to you, and if so, how did you react, did it influence your behaviour and feelings about yourself? Does it still bring up painful memories for you now? Or was your nickname something to cherish, something that made you feel special? Do you still use it now?


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Derrick has begged me for several weeks to let him drive but I was not to sure about it. I decided last Sunday to let him and he done great!!! He drove for about 30 mins. He got in the car and pushed the seat up, let the wheel down and pushed the seat forward to fit him....then he was off. I was so proud of him !!! He is a good little driver to be 10 years old.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Today has been a rough day....feel so bad with headache and whole body aches. I hope that I am not getting the flu. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow. I did not work today because I feel so bad and have no energy....I have not been out sick in a very long time but I had to today. I am still feeling pretty bad tonight. I am going to take some meds and go to bed.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My first page layout of "About Me Scrapbook".
1st challenge.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A good night tonight....watched Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. I am trying to settle down to go to bed but think I am going to scrapbook for awhile....have so much to do.

Wonderful night to all :)

2nd Challenge of "About me"
From Cricut and The Pink Stamper (Robyn)

CHALLENGE #2 - "Humble Beginnings"
(Challenge #3 will be posted October 11, 2009)

Record your birth statistics, just as you would for a newborn baby:
· Date of birth
· Time of birth
· Day of the week
· Weight
· Length
· Hospital / location
· Colour of eyes and hair
· Doctor / midwife
· Details of hospital stay
You might like to include events that happened on the day, or in the year you were born.
Here are some fun sites: (An Australian Site)

Personal Journaling:
Now that you have the basics about your birth, lets dig a little deeper and look at the circumstances of your birth. Were you a much wanted and eagerly anticipated baby, a happy, or not-so-happy surprise? What did your birth mean for your parents, for your family? How did they feel about having a new baby around? Why were you born?

Now take a moment to consider the way the above knowledge has impacted on your life. Has it made you feel loved and cherished, resentful, happy, unworthy, secure, comfortable?

Remember that this personal information need not be shared with anyone else. It simply gives you a starting point from which to consider your life.
Derrick is off to school and I am getting ready to start some business paperwork. It is finally starting to cool off and I am so glad of tired of being hot !! I think I am going to scrapbook later today. I have joined Hero Art's ATC swap which is going to be fun.