Sunday, October 11, 2009

CHALLENGE #3 - "What's in a Name?"
(Challenge #4 will be posted October 18, 2009)

What’s in a name? Find out the meaning of your name and it’s country of origin. Did you parents have a short list of names for you? Why did they choose the one they did? Are you named after anyone and if so, do you in any way resemble that person? Talk about your nickname (if any) - where it came from and how you got it.

Here are some useful links:

Personal Journaling:
Names often change throughout life. Most western women will change their surname when they marry, but often names are changed due to family breakdown and divorce, new marriages and adoption. Write about any name changes that you have had and the reasons for it. Talk about the feelings around the change. Was it because something good happened, such as a wedding, or something difficult, such as a divorce? Sometimes we are given nicknames that are cruel, especially as children. Did this happen to you, and if so, how did you react, did it influence your behaviour and feelings about yourself? Does it still bring up painful memories for you now? Or was your nickname something to cherish, something that made you feel special? Do you still use it now?


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