Sunday, October 18, 2009

CHALLENGE #4 - "We are Family?"
(Challenge #5 will be posted October 25, 2009)

”We Are Family”. Scrap a layout about your “original” family… your parents and any siblings you had. We are focusing on your childhood so include any people that were in your household as you were growing up, this may mean grandparents, foster siblings, aunts and uncles... Include names, relationships, dates of birth and photos if you have them. (Upcoming challenges will focus more on individual members of the family. For now, give an overview of the group as a whole.)

Some quotes on the family:

Personal Journaling:
The family is by far the most significant group of people we will ever know. From the moment of our birth they are there to teach us about the world, to inform and guide us, and to influence our attitudes and beliefs. We inherit their woes, their hopes, their prejudices and their joys. We are moulded within this circle, for better or for worse, and it is from the family that we enter into the wider world ready to view people, places and events through the framework they have helped us develop.

Consider the difference between the “private family” that existed behind closed doors, and the public face of your family. Was it the same? What were the differences? What was it like to grow up in your family? Was the atmosphere happy, oppressive, supportive, caring, active, abusive, loving? What was your role in the family? Were you forever seen as the baby, were you the peacemaker, or did you carry the burden of responsibility for younger siblings or older relatives? Was there significant illness in the family, poverty, constant relocation?

How has your original family changed over time? How have the roles of the individuals changed? What major events influenced the function and form of the family? What is your “family secret”


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