Saturday, March 7, 2009

We had a bad experience tonight when we went to Zaxby's to get dinner. We had already ordered and came out of the drive-thru and was at the entrance to get back on the road. There was traffic on the road so I was sitting and waiting. A car turned in like that were coming to the parking lot. I had my window down half way and this lady stopped her car right at the entrance beside me. I looked over and she was waving her hand at me, while her window was down. She said will you buy me something to eat? I looked at her and she opened her car door, like she coming up to me. This scared me when she opened the door and started getting out (we were still at the entrance to the parking lot) and her car was still running. I looked at her and pulled out. I was nervous because she was coming at me and natural instinct, I drove off. I pulled into the store down the road to calm down. I decided to go back and find her and give her the food that I had just bought. I was not sure if she was scamming me or was really hungry. I went back to Zaxby's and she was in the line to place her order. So I don't know if this was true or what she had planned. I know that people are having tough times now and I could not stand knowing that she may have been hungry and I drove off. I was glad to see she was in the line.

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