Friday, March 27, 2009

I have been a blog follower of Katie Scott of Kiss and Tell Scrapbooking. I sent her an email and she is going to publish it as.....Ask Katie. I was so excited about this !! I am hoping that I am on my way to having a scrapbooking business. See the Ask Katie.....below.

March 27, 2009
Ask Katie: How to Photograph Your Scrapbooking Layouts
QUESTION: Hey Katie~ I am one of your blog follwers and seen all your youtube videos. I have started a blog and wanted to take some pics of my scrapbook pages. I just can't seem to get them to take well. I have tried hanging them on the wall and taking a close up and tried laying them down and taking a pic but some have a glare and some take but I really can't see them good. I was wondering how you got yours in focus so good? I can see all of your fine details. Do you hang them or lay them down? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. - A.P.
ANSWER: Thank you for reading my blog and for the note! The best way to photograph your layouts is with a scanner and a program that allows you to stitch the layout together; but I've tried this method again and again and for my purposes, its just not worth the time and effort. I use my camera to take a photo of my layout and then I crop it in Picasa. The best way to get a photo with no glare or flash is outdoors during the day. But, if you are like me and make your pages at night and must post them, I put my layout on the floor in a well lit room and then stand a foot or two away from the layout and take the picture that way - so the flash goes off but doesn't bounce off the photos; this method does distort the layout so that you can't crop it into a perfect square - but I'm ok with that for my purposes. If you are posting to get published or for a design team, they're probably going to want you to use a scanner; but if you are like me and scrapbook mainly for fun, the taking a photo of your layout works just fine. Also, I have the added peace of mind that if something happened to my scrapbook layouts or the whole State of Florida (hurricane season), I've got them saved on my blog and on Shutterfly. Hope this helps!

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