Sunday, November 1, 2009

CHALLENGE #5 - "A Chip Off the Old Block"
(Challenge #6 will be posted November 1, 2009)

“A Chip Off The Old Block”.
Design a layout about the people you consider to be your parents. You may choose to do a combined layout for them, a page each, or maybe even a double layout each depending on how many photos and how much information you want to include. Add names, dates, relationships and the role these people play in your lives today. You can even add information about their parents and early lives if you want to. Go into as much detail as you like.

This site may be useful when tracking down information:
50 Questions to ask when interviewing relatives:

Personal Journaling:
For this section of your journaling, take a moment to consider your parents as people and not as “Mum” or ”Dad”. What are they really like? What personality type do they have? What would you think of them if you met them in a social or work setting? How do others respond to them?

What was it like to grow up with your parents? How have they affected you and your personality? Are you like one of them? Are you a mixture of both? What emotional reaction do you have to them? How did you interact when you were a child, and how do you interact now? How important were they in your life?

If the people you are journaling about are not your natural parents, talk about how they came to be your care providers. Where are your natural parents and why do you not consider them your “parents”? How have these relationships and/or the lack thereof affected you?

Give a brief history of your parent’s lives.



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